An omnichannel cash-in and logistics platform 

The Anycommerce platform has been designed to address retail transformation challenges. It is natively omnichannel to cover all your customer journeys, and easily connects to all information systems in place.


Implement omnichannel at the core of your customer journey



Modern consumers want an experience without constraints of places, time or stock. A retailer able to offer a strong omnichannel experience to their clients will see their annual revenue rise by 9.5% on average, and its cost per contact diminish by 7.5%.

Source: Aberdeen Group

The modular approach allows to priorize the deployment of your omnichannel journeys.

Omnichannel logistics

Picking: optimizing the preparation of your orders to be picked up in store or to deliver

Capacity Planning / Booking: schedules and tasks management for your warehouse and store teams

Stock Management: managing your unified inventory in store and warehouse, in real time

Omnichannel cash-in

Fixed & mobile Checkout: cash-in of all physical or web orders from a unique interface

Fixed, mobile & kiosk Self Checkout: autonomous cash-in of clients orders in your points of sale

Vendor tablet: the in-store clienteling and mobile cash-in solution

Unified Back-office

OMS: Order Management System for omnichannel orchestration of your orders

PIM: Product Information Manager for an omnichannel management of the product catalogue

Payment: orchestration and breakdown of payments and commissions on all sales channels

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