Our omnichannel payments orchestration and management solution

Automate the payment of every player in the value chain and free your clients from payment constraints.



Anycommerce and Natixis introduce the first omnichannel payment system, that natively connects to all information system.

Key features

Flow orchestration

Automatically distribute payments to all the stakeholders related to an order

Payment methods

Set up your strategy with most of omnichannel payment methods

Return management

Manage repayment and returns whatever the players and contact points involved


Flexibly set up your personalized management rules for every and all logistic workflows


Manage your business through a simple and user-friendly interface

Assets of omnichannel payment

Benefits for the retailer

Financial transactions management in an omnichannel and multi-player business is a key stake to reduce costs, maintain good relationships with partners and improve operational efficiency.

The Anycommerce Pay system, developed with Natixis, enables all establishments, all digital channels of a brand to use a unified payment system. This simplifies the financial and accounting management of all the company, gaining time for all teams.

This tool guarantees error free finances and a bigger flexibility in the set up and automatic management of transactions.

Benefits for the retailer's clients

The omnichannel payment system contributes to the improvement of client experience and satisfaction. They can:

- be known, order and pay on every sales channel
- access payment options (3 instalments, rents...)
- one-click pay of multi-brands basket
- be billed only on delivery
- enjoy new services such as try-at-home


in client satisfaction

on cost per bill

saved sales

additionnal sales

Sources: McKinsey, PayPal, Fiserv, Adyen

More than 100 clients trust our solution in France and all over the world