Our resource planning management and booking solution 

Improve your business management by optimizing human and material resources according to forecast demand.


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Anycommerce introduces the capacity planning / booking application to optimise resources in store thanks to its order prediction algorithm, that can be connected to all information system.

Key features


Affect tasks to your teams depending on their planning, sales predictions and client demand


Access the plannings and occupation rates of your teams and handle mishaps in real time


Offer your clients guaranteed slots and personalized recommendations in store

Predictive planning

Manage your business thanks to the personalized predictive plannings generated by AI


Access simple and precise Business Intelligence about your service productivity

Our capacity planning application is available on Android and iOS
Assets of Capacity Planning and e-booking
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Benefits for the retailer

Capacity Planning improves the management of human and material resources depending on demand as well as team productivity and real-time availability.

The logging of the services completion time guarantees more astute predictions, resulting in a long-term optimisation of resource allocations.

Regarding Web-to-Store journeys, Anycommerce Capacity Planning / Booking uses AI to predict the number of orders per day that can be taken on by each store, and to automatically fill in the plannings to better answer the demand and improve client satisfaction.

Benefits for the retailer's clients

Capacity Planning improves customer satisfaction by providing:

- simpler access to the best resources to fit their needs
- a quicker answer to their demands
- online order received in time and fully complete

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in occupancy rate

in team productivity

mistakes on predicted demand

on operational costs

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More than 100 clients trust our solution in France and all over the world