Our omnichannel Order Management System solution

Improve order deliverability and optimize order management on every channel, throughout the value chain.


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Anycommerce introduces the first natively omnichannel OMS on the market, that can easily connect with all information systems.

Key features

Purchase journey

Flexibly set up each omnichannel purchase journey for your clients (click & collect, ship from store...)

Order orchestration

Access the most optimized way to answer client demand depending on your logistics and business priorities (delivery costs & times, N or N-1 stock availability...)

Real-time communication

Display all accessible journeys to customers depending on their basket, then keep both clients and partners informed about orders and their status

Omnichannel returns

Exchange or pay back in store and on the web, no matter the channel the product was bought on


Access a simple and precise dashboard about orders coming from all your channels

Assets of omnichannel Order Management System
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Benefits for the retailer

An Order Management System is the cornerstone of any omnichannel strategy. It allows to improve  service quality and create innovative purchasing journeys, as well as reduce logistics costs.

Easily connected to any information system, it provides every member of the value chain with a 360° vision on stocks, clients and products, resulting in a better order handling throughout the logistics chain.

OMS automatically optimizes, in real time, the orchestration of each order whatever its channel of origin or destination. Team productivity, delivery and stock management are subsequently improved.

It thus allows:
- the unification of central, e-commerce and store stocks
- to offer all delivery or retrieving methods (ship-from-store, ship-to-store-from-another-store...)
- to reduce the volume of unsold articles in store
- to track clients during purchase, delivery and return

Benefits for the retailer's clients

OMS guarantees an increase in customer satisfaction by enabling:

- the access to innovative purchase journeys
- more options to order and retrieve a product
- the delivered promise of a delivery date
- the creation of an omnichannel basket within a brand
- a better tracking of order status
- the return in a store of web orders

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in client satisfaction

in turnover

on internal costs

in client loyalty

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More than 100 clients trust our solution in France and all over the world