Our store picking solution for pickers and managers

Optimizing in-store order preparation and improving operational efficiency of the supply chain.


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Anycommerce introduces Warehouse Management System specifically thought out for stores that connects easily to any information system.

Key features


Automatically generate picking, collecting and expedition tasks


Benefit from the most optimized picking trail for all of your orders

Mono-multi management

Manage the picking of one order by several pickers / of several orders by a single picker


Handle substitutions and stock-outs directly from the app



Follow order preparation in your stores in real time and analyze your productivity

Our Picking application is available on Android and iOS
Assets of store picking
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Benefits for the retailer

Using stores to ensure the logistics of web orders (Drive, Click & collect, ship-from-store...) is a strong opportunity to generate additional sales and optimise delivery costs and times.

The Anycommerce Picking application optimises order preparation by automatically finding the best picking paths for each point of sale, according to the targeted order management mode (mono, multi, global). The user-friendly application is easy to understand and operate, no matter the previous experience of the picker. It thus improves team productivity and the rate of successfully prepared and delivered orders.

This tool provides Drive and store managers with a global vision on store picking, and eases the pickers' job by limiting the distance they have to walk.

Benefits for the retailer's clients

Web-to-Store enthusiasts benefit from a better customer experience thanks to store picking:

- they can choose between several innovative purchase journeys (fast delivery, ship-from-store...)
- they can accept or refuse a substitute product in case of a stock-out
- the order is ready when they come to pick it up; if they arrive early, their order can be prioritized to be concluded in 5 minutes.

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-2 days
in delivery time

in team productivity

saved sales thanks to substitution

on internal costs

Sources: McKinsey, Deloitte

More than 100 clients trust our solution in France and all over the world