Food services:

Improve the experience of your busy customers through innovative and value adding points-of-sale, while simplifying the way you do business!

The food services industry is changing, welcoming increasingly numerous digital initiatives. Ultra-connected, demanding customers are more and more in a hurry and want to gain time and find new ways to consume. To face a significant competition, restaurants, caterers and other players thus have to offer innovative journeys and improve the experience lived in points of sale.

Anycommerce provides food services players a solution that answers the specific issues of omnichannel order taking and cash-in. It is modular and easily connects to existing information systems, enables to set up new services and eases the management of your business.


Key features

Click & collect

Allow customers to pre-order or book a meeting online to make in-store traffic flow better


Offer an efficient home delivery service without overloading your teams thanks to trustworthy partners

Payment methods

Accept all payment means, from cash and credit cards to m-wallets


Room management

Commercial catering: model your rooms and handle easily order taking, service and payment per table

Clients management

Institutional catering: keep control over badges and company, simply administrate access rights


Your benefits

Benefits for your customers

Your clients are more satisfied and loyal thanks to innovative services that allow the discovery and order of your products in real-time.

In a market where customers are paying more and more attention to product quality, they enjoy informations such as the origin or ingredients of their meals.

Access to your restaurants is easier, quicker, and payment is seamless.

Benefits for your business

Accessing more diverse services and living a better experience, both in a restaurant or when having a meal delivered, makes local clients more loyal. Your revenue rises, you reduce the part of unsold products and serve more clients, improving your rotation rate.


Benefits for your operations

All information related to your points of sale are centralized in a single system: order taking and orchestration, resource management, payment reception and allocation... The productivity of your service, cooking and HQ teams is improved by better communication and user-friendly tools.

More than 100 clients trust our solution all over the world