Our fixed and mobile in-store self-checkout solution

Giving customers autonomy and optimizing in-store surface area thanks to Anycommerce applications and devices.


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Anycommerce reinvents in-store cash-in thanks to the autonomous and automated checkout, easily connected to every information system.

Key features


Pay your clients in directly without the need of a salesperson

Services management

Increase the added value of the services you offer in-store (hands-free shopping, digital butler, endless aisle...)


Access your clients preferences and offer personalized recommendations


Personalize the fronts dedicated to your in-store kiosks to offer a new client experience and improve customer satisfaction

Endless aisle

Display all your product range thanks to the kiosk

Assets of self-checkout
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Benefits for the retailer

The optimization of store surface area and team productivity are major conveyors of the improvement of margins in points of sale.

An omnichannel self-checkout system provides an appreciated autonomy to consumers and frees sales teams who can focus on in-store advice. Kiosks make stores become digitalized showrooms to offer all of the product catalogue for sale (endless aisle).

With innovations such as RFID, ordered articles can be automatically recognized, for increased stock reliability.

Benefits for the retailer's clients

Clients live a better purchase experience thanks to self-checkout. They can:

- avoid queues at common checkout
- access more products and delivery options
- pay autonomously with their favorite payment method

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in sales

of satisfied clients

in client loyalty

of stock in store

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More than 100 clients trust our solution in France and all over the world