Our omnichannel Product Information Management system

Simplify product catalogue management and adapt you strategy to the sales channel.


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Anycommerce introduces the first PIM natively thought for omnichannel that can be connected with any information system.

Key features

Product catalogue

Unite all products and variants information and manage medias and documents, hosted on a CDN, for each channel

Price management

Easily manage prices depending on several criteria (date, channel, loyalty, special offers...)

Special offers

Benefit from a great flexibility when setting up different kinds of discounts

Real-time communication

Share large volumes of information about products and prices to all you direct or indirect sales channels

Artificial Intelligence

Improve the relevance of your cross-sell and up-sell recommendations

Assets of omnichannel Product Information Manager
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Benefits for the retailer

Product catalogue, prices and discounts are powerful stakes for every retailer regarding operational efficiency (product management) and brand image (product presentation across channels).

With an omnichannel PIM, you can manage all product data, medias & documents, prices and discounts from one single interface. All internal and external players are informed about the latest updates in real time.

This tool frees teams from many administration and control tasks; for instance, it's a time-saver that simplifies the management of catalogue evolutions and their diffusion. Salespeople can thus focus on actions with more added value.

Anycommerce PIM is the only solution on the market that brings Artificial Intelligence in prices and discounts, rather than handling only cold data. It can also be completed by a Digital Asset Management system.

Benefits for the retailer's clients

An omnichannel PIM guarantees that product information is the same on every sales channel to ease the navigation between websites, web applications and stores for the client. They are known on every contact point with your brand, and benefits from tailor-made recommendations.

Client satisfaction is thus improved.

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in client satisfaction

in up-sell and cross-sell sales

mistakes on data

in-store sales

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More than 100 clients trust our solution in France and all over the world