Luxury & fashion:

Empower your brand and invite customers to an experience that boosts loyalty to ensure business growth, without rebuilding your information system!


Customers from the luxury & fashion industry expect an inviting purchase experience that will make them loyal through tailored services that match the corporate image of their favorite brands. Offering web-to-store and store-to-web omnichannel purchase journeys and digitalizing points of sales are now vital to satisfy customers and ensure your business growth.

Anycommerce provides luxury & fashion companies with an in-store and out-store digitalization solution adapted to the industry's need, economical and easily connected to existing information systems.


Key features

Express Click & Collect

Allow your clients to retrieve in store a product they ordered online the same day


Improve your client knowledge and build strong relationships with them

Digital showroom

Turn your store into a demo space where all your product range is available

Returns management

Accept product returns in store, whether they were order online or in another point of sale

Unified stocks

Free yourself from stock issues thanks to a single system unifying stores and warehouses

Your benefits

Benefits for your customers

Client satisfaction and loyalty are improved thanks to a very customized offer within an immersive, seamless purchase experience. Whatever the contact point chosen, your clients are known and have access to all your products, delivery options, and every piece of information they need.

Benefits for your business

You improve your brand image, capture more sales opportunities and increase the average basket by offering innovative client journeys that answer customer needs. Meanwhile, your margins rise thanks to the optimization of logistics and a better stock management.


Benefits for your operations

Managing your business from one single omnichannel platform makes you gain time and visibility and improves your operational excellency. Your sales associates are better equipped, their productivity and efficiency are thus enhanced.

More than 100 clients trust our solution all over the world