Retail property:

Offer a unified client experience and innovative services while simplifying the management of your establishments without massive investments!

Retail property has become a services hub offering real connectivity, in line with consumers' new expectations. The deployment of omnichannel purchase journeys - especially the global digitalization of establishments - breathes new life into this industry. Market players take over again by replacing the purchase journey of each tenant brand with a unified client experience within their establishments.

Anycommerce provides retail property companies with a unique solution with which they can address the needs of both their targets, tenants and end customers, by offering tailor-made and unified services.


Key features

Online order

Allow customers to order products or book a restaurant table online, before or during their visit

Client knowledge

Personnalize your visitors' experience by gathering client data and logging their orders

Discounts & loyalty

Offer your clients discounts and a unified loyalty program in collaboration with your tenants

Additional services

Offer additional services (valet, personal shopper...) to complete your clients' purchase experience

Digital showroom

Equip your free space with digital kiosks and rent it to brands for temporary business operations

Your benefits

Benefits for your customers

The purchase experience is reinvented for end clients, resulting in more satisfaction and loyalty. They can plan their visits thanks to the additional information they benefit from such as the product catalogue of tenant brands, but also give in to temporary, last-minute opportunities. The commercial space becomes a living space providing access to many brands and services with strong added value.

Benefits for your business

The improvement of the purchase experience raises the value of the average basket: clients stay longer on site and come back more often. The economic performance per square meter is improved by an optimization of each service and operation, also resulting in increased margins.


Benefits for your operations

By creating a direct communication channel with end clients, retail property owners can gather many important data and personalize even more the experience they offer. A unique information system uniting all the information about clients, products, etc. makes the daily management of establishments easier.

More than 100 clients trust our solution all over the world