Our fixed and mobile checkout solution for points of sale

Easing the key step of payment for customer and improving margins per square meter thanks to Anycommerce applications and devices.


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Anycommerce rethinks omnichannel cash-in thanks to the adaptable and evolutive unified checkout system that can be connected to all information systems.

Key features

Omnichannel retail

Accept all omnichannel journeys (return in store of a web order...), access your client base, a complex price and special offers engine, and millions of references in your catalogue

Food service industry

Accept bookings, handle you tables and rooms, control menus and product compositions


Handle badges and companies, benefit from an advanced management of users and access rights


Offer your clients your loyalty program on every checkout

Special offers

Offer personalized discounts in phase with your clients' preferences

Assets of a unified fixed or mobile checkout system
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Benefits for the retailer

Payment is a key step in a client journey: when easy for the consumer, it leads to an increased customer satisfaction and is an opportunity for additional sales.

The Anycommerce omnichannel cash-in application enables you to accept all payment means and to manage points of sales cash flow. You can handle several fields (food service, retail, booking...) through a single cash-in system.

All products can thus be returned in a store, whether the items were bought in the same store, in another store or online.

Mobile checkout also enables queue-busting and frees the space previously dedicated to fixed checkout, optimizing the surface area of the store.

Benefits for the retailer's clients

The Anycommerce omnichannel cash-in application allows customers:

- to choose from a wide range of payment methods, including m-wallets
- to avoid queues thanks to mobile checkouts
- to benefit from tailor-made recommendations and loyalty programs

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in client satisfaction about returns

in revenue

in store loyalty

on the average basket

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More than 100 clients trust our solution in France and all over the world