Our vendor tablet solution for omnichannel cash-in

Restore meaning to store visits and ease traffic in points of sale thanks to Anycommerce applications and devices.



Anycommerce introduces the next generation of advised sales thanks to its omnichannel clienteling solution that can be easily integrated into any information system.

Key features

Client knowledge

Access your client's purchase preferences

Product portfolio

Access, in real time, product presentations and all of the available stock both in warehouses and close stores (endless aisle)


Pay your clients in directly from the seller tablet

Booking management

Increase the added value of the services offered in your stores


Access a simple and detailed dashboard on the performances of your sales associates

Our vendor tablet is available on Android and iOS
Assets of clienteling

Benefits for the retailer

The store surface area is precious, and its optimization is a stake in profitability. The mobile applications take back the space previously dedicated to cash-in machines.

These tools give a new meaning to in-store visits by making every sales associate an expert.

It becomes possible to sell stocks that are not available in a store, or even to remotely sell from the store to regular customers loyal to their sales associate. The seller tablet thus allows endless aisle, the saving of sales and the development of customer loyalty.

Benefits for the retailer's clients

The seller tablet contributes to the improvement of customer experience in store by providing:

- additional services, such as personalized advice
- an access to more products
- a payment made directly with the salesperson
- queue-busting: no more queuing at checkout


in client satisfaction

on average basket

in sales

in client loyalty

Sources: Adyen, Nielsen, Salesforce

More than 100 clients trust our solution in France and all over the world