Win your clients' loyalty and increase your margins by easing communications on every channel without changing your information system!

Today's customer expectations change more and more quickly and leave the shift between digital and physical channels out of consideration. They are looking for a seamless experience with every brand they like, including in the services sector. Companies providing phone, banking, insurance, health services and more have to be available through several communications means and to recognize their clients whatever the contact point in order to satisfy them.
Anycommerce provides players of the services market with an omnichannel solution allowing to set up direct communication channels and differentiating services. Its unified back office guarantees homogeneity of information among every channel to offer seamless interaction whatever the contact point.

Key features

Single point of contact

Allow your clients to schedule a meeting online and to look up their orders or operations history on a unique portal

Client knowledge

Recognize your clients on every channel and keep a history of your interactions to better personalize your services



Allow your clients to try and resolve their issues online before asking one of your employees


Artificial Intelligence

Feed chatbots with your data history to reduce response and resolve times

Resource management

Optimize plannings and distribution of tasks among your teams by relying on forecast demand

Your benefits
benefits for consumers

Benefits for your customers

You will gain client satisfaction by offering seamless communications and a better monitoring of interactions, resulting in more loyal clients. They appreciate the autonomy and speed brought by a digital relationship while still being recognized in physical points of sale. The latter's congestion is relieved, improving the experience lived by on-site clients.

Benefits for your business

You can process more operations, thus taking in more clients without increasing investments, which guarantees an increase in your margins. Your revenue can also increase thanks to a diversification of your offer, fueled by new services with a strong added value such as counselling.



Benefits for your operations

By unifying the information from every contact point, you improve your client knowledge. It eases your employees' daily work, whose productivity is improved. You also benefit from more precise data to manage your business and push your offer forward depending on your consumers' needs.

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