Offer a unique customer relationship that outweighs competitive alternatives while improving your margins without changing information systems!

The hospitality market has to adapt to the massive arrival of a hyper-connected customer base. It prepares its travels in advance, gather a lot of information, and expects a seamless, smooth experience in line with its researches. The customization of client experience is very important in this industry where customers all hope for a VIP treatment. Digitalization must not be limited to establishments or offers, it must be used in client relationship, from booking and payment up to after-sales services.

Anycommerce provides the hospitality industry with a single unique platform to handle all offers (food, consumer goods, services...). You can easily create new, customized client journeys without rebuilding your information system.


Key features


Simplify information gathering, booking and online payment as well as services orders on site

Client knowledge

Offer your clients a truly tailor-made experience thanks to information coming from all your sales channels

Additional services

Offer your clients the chance to book additional services (visits, food services...) from a single platform

Omnichannel payment

Accept any and all payment methods and options, such as the creation of an ongoing bill to be paid at the end of the stay

Resource management

Optimize plannings according to forecast demand and improve communication with your teams on site

Your benefits

Benefits for your customer

Client satisfaction is improved by the tailor-made solution brought to the answer needs and wants of customers. They feel privileged when living a customized, seamless experience when their trip is prepared, which is made possible by your digital transformation.

Benefits for your business

When your clients live a unified experience, they are more satisfied, which increases your brand's reputation on and offline and thus makes you grow. By offering easy-to-order additional services, you raise their average basket while limiting your costs thanks to an optimized management of your business.


Benefits for your operations

Your teams, whatever their tasks or place, are more productive by enjoying a unified system and user-friendly tools. A better 360° vision on your business helps you improve your daily management, gain time and focus on missions with more added value.

More than 100 clients trust our solution all over the world